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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Three cheers for finally getting a website up - I must be one of the last in my Writing Buddies group. It isn't flashy or arty, but is sufficiently functional for my purpose. I've managed to get my pictures cropped, resized, and in place as well as the text. Funny how you learn what you have to know.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Can it be that long since I last added a post? Lots since then. A great day out by train in Bournemouth - nice Indian lunch, lovely weather, and the seafront great as ever. I'd like to live by the sea - did for a couple of years in Southwold at age 7-9, tiny school facing the front, playtimes on the beach, Saturdays on the pier playing the slot machines. Still really love them.

Another 'grand day out', Isle of Wight by car/ferry. It's a really nice place and hope to get over again, on foot, in September. Another good trip was to Petworth House (National Trust). Masses of treasures, though the atmosphere is gloomy. The cream tea was a highlight, of course.

An interesting wedding of John's second cousin - the bride's second, the groom's third, a great day. They looked very in love, and then to the Fosse Manor Hotel (Stow on the Wold) for drinks and a sit-down meal. Gloucestershire sausages were the mainstay but for us they did a lovely goats' cheese salad and mushroom risotto. Dessert was three tiny creme brulees, one of my favourites. Wine flowing freely, too, then we stayed the night. Since then, lunch at South Garden Chinese in Romsey (twice), Coriander Lounge, Giddy Bridge (Wetherspoons, best onion rings around), King Rufus pub (fine mushroom and cheese salad plus ... onion rings), and the Moby Dick Fish & Chip Restaurant in Shirley (eggs, chips and peas, the best). Eat, eat, eat.

The National Portrait Gallery has an exhibition of their portraits of literary figures in Southampton Art Gallery; it is excellent. They include the famous only-known portrait of Shakespeare and some earlier works, right up to a 3D picture of JK Rowling.

Son and family came for the day en route to France; sunny day so we ate and drank in the garden. We'd bought a couple of small garden toys which were greatly enjoyed but not necessarily in the way intended! No plants were harmed in the making of this day. It was a lovely time, too much food as usual, including my miniature orange drizzle muffins and chocolate/courgette brownies - surprisingly they worked .

The deadline for submitting for the Writing Buddies anthology competition came and went. I entered six pieces. Penny Legg, founder, held a book publishing launch party for "Folklore of Hampshire", an interesting and fun read. Most guests dressed up for the do, which was good fun as well.

Have been having some discomfort which I think I've identified as a return of my wheat intolerance of 20 years go. Exam by doctor was negative, and I have cut wheat out of my diet which is definitely working. Even bought special flour and made a loaf in my bread machine. It's not bad, considering.

Joined Facebook and Twitter since last time. Sadly on Facebook one of the contacts I traced was posting at least daily with details of drinking, clubbing, searching for a man, and some bad language. I 'defriended' her but sent her a message to say I couldn't get on with her content and language, which I thought was a polite thing to do. She was not best pleased as it goes. Can Facebook really be this difficult? Twitter is more fun.

Enough! Thought for the day: What to do if you see an endangered animal nibbling a protected plant?