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Thursday, 10 April 2014

A Song from the Teenage Heart!

A change of mood now. 

In my late teens I played folk guitar and occasionally wrote songs. I used to sit by an open window, playing and singing, in the vain hope that a record producer might walk by, hear me, and offer a record contract on the spot. At that time I was writing a pop music column for the local paper, and soon afterwards had a job as singer with a group of Cambridge undergrads performing at USAF bases in France for the summer vacation. Buddy Holly, Brenda Lee and all that. Then the others went back to university; I was invited to join another group to tour Germany, but being a romantic and my boyfriend being unhappy about the idea, I didn't go but came home instead to take up secretarial work.

Anyway, one song 'what I wrote' has recently been circulating in my head for some reason. I sang it and played guitar for an audition for Opportunity Knocks, though I got the old 'Don't call us, we'll call you'. Here are the lyrics - and I must stress they're not autobiographical! I was lucky not to be dumped at all ...

Each verse except the third is sung in a minor key. All together now:

I met him in the su-ummertime,
And loved him by-y the fall.
   He smiled at me,
   I couldn't see
He didn't ca-are at all.

He gave me pearls, he ga-ave me gold,
He gave me e-everything.
   He smiled, he said
   That we'd be wed -
I wore a diamond ring.

But came the spring, I suddenly knew
He wanted to be free.
   He smiled, he said
   That love was dead -
He didn't ca-are for me.

So if you meet the boy of your dreams,
With lips as sweet as wine,
   You may be blind
   And you may find
He'll break your hea-art like mine.

Have to add, ©Jacqueline Pye 2014 !