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Monday, 22 April 2013

Party Trick Number Two

(The previous party trick was on this blog in August 2012, a memory 'act'.)

This time it's how to look at a row of faces (e.g. friends lined up, or photos) and tell which of them is left-handed. I worked this out myself, and although not infallible (children change dominant hand, dominant hand might be injured and so on), it's been pretty reliable so far.

In my experience, the greater the difference (there's almost always one), the more dominant the hand. The exception is top celebs and models, where I'm guessing they either photoshop or compensate by narrowing one eye slightly, or else they're by luck perfectly symmetrical.
At age 7
Here's how it goes:

1  Look casually at someone's face.
2  Note which eye is wider.
3  That's probably the side of their dominant hand!

Test: picture of me above. And yep, I'm right-handed.

Anyone want to test this and let me know?