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Sunday, 21 October 2012


Delighted to Have Received an Award!

Thank you so much, JPF Goodman ( for nominating this blog of mine for an award. Very pleased to receive it, and of course I follow and enjoy your blog as well (though not sure if one can bounce an award back).

This is an informal arrangement, but there are 'things' to be done. Firstly, to explain why I blog. I am an opinionated type, and wanted to express my thoughts on various subjects although on this blog I have been concentrating mainly on writing and writers. As a former psychologist and a writer too, I have a really inquisitive interest in how, why and what other people write and in any features common to most writers. I began to write blogs (my other one is about vegetarian food) after we'd discussed social media at my writing group, Southampton Writing Buddies. A number of us now post blogs and manage to make them our slaves rather than our masters.

It's also important for recipients of this award to nominate other blogs. Yes, it is a little like a chain letter but it's a way of expressing appreciation for other people's work. So here are the blogs which I am nominating for The Addictive Blog Award. (JPF's blog explains how this works - link in first line above.) - mo is a novelist and really interesting blogger who's lived a bit ... - keen writer, talented artist, again some fascinating experiences - enthusiastic writer with flair, glamour, and great cooking too - not just parenting, but a range of interesting opinions & insights - the travel blog of Jo Carroll which can leave me breathless!

And thanks to everyone who writes blogs which I read and enjoy regularly. Especially JPF for this award.

Delighted to Accept an Award!