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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Lots of Writing Going On!

Currently I'm in one of those can't-think-about-anything-except-writing phases. (Apart from cooking in between of course.) Brain is in overdrive.

A previous post was about being either a pouncer or a stalker, and I'm the former - can't resist a challenge, always several short projects on the go. Here in list form is what I've been pouncing on recently.

•  Gave a talk to a writing group about magazine articles, and have now been asked to return to run a workshop and judge
       a competition.

•  Submitted two stories for the Winchester Writers' Conference/Hampshire Chronicle competition - judged by the Prof of 
       Creative Writing. One was commended, one awarded third place. Very nice critiques, too.

•  A rather unpleasant piece involving a clown and a little girl was awarded 4th place in an international flash fiction comp.

•  A very short piece was included in National Flash Fiction Day's rolling blog. That was rather nasty, too.

•  My work is currently longlisted in Ether Book's twisted tales competition; shortlist not out yet.

•  Waiting to hear whether shortlisted for a cash-prize locally based story comp. And, oh goodness, another murder, 
        but this time set in the middle ages.

•  I have ready a 22,000 word anthology of my 'dark tales', and a cover, and currently exploring the best way to get it into print.

•  As a member of Inkslinger Books I've just submitted a 4,200 word whodunnit for consideration for our next anthology.

•  Now planning to give more attention to a work-in-progress novel for 8-11s about a boy and his mother's new partner. 
        Nothing nasty here but plenty of conflict. Cd be 15,000 words.

Please forgive the egotistical nature of all this - it needed to be out of my brain and onto a page of some sort. So if you're still with me, thanks ever so.