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Thursday, 28 May 2015

First 7 Lines

Can't believe it's been so long ....

Have had some successes with flash fiction along the way, currently my favourite writing genre. However, since there is a bit of a trend for people to link from twitter to the first 7 lines of one of their stories, here are the first 7 lines of the first story in my collection Bottles and Pots (see left for link). There's a full, different story in a previous post.


The word that means a fear of clowns is 'coulrophobia'.
I know this because I read it in a book given to me last year for my eighth birthday. 
Didn't need to look it up - you could tell from the text and it made me feel sick. I never 
liked clowns, ever since we were at the circus when I was very young, and one 
pretended to throw a bucket of water over me when it was only pieces of paper. 
They are the enemy now.

In the story, the narrator comes face to face with a clown with rather unfortunate results!