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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Power of Three - Limericks, that is.

Here are two of my (prize-winning) limericks, with a new third one for good measure.

The first was for a competition to write a limerick relating to the most recent royal wedding,
and it involves .....
                                                                   Prince Harry by
                                                                   Charles LeBlanc
                        Pippa's moment of glory last year
                        Was in showing the world her fine rear.
                             So when Harry espied
                             Her amazing backside,
                        His princely response was quite clear!

The second had to relate to the seven deadly sins. Here's one (well, sort of):   
                     by Dark Meadow
                    Of the seven, it's hard to decide
                    Which is naughtier - lust, wrath or pride
                             With envy and sloth,
                             Well I'm guilty of both,
                    But gluttony's toughest to hide.

And lastly, a new one:

                         An artist who painted a triptych
                    Told admirers its meaning was cryptic.
                             He gazed at the sky
                             And remarked with a sigh,
                    "The solution lies on the ecliptic."

Your go!