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Monday, 25 January 2010

Thanks to my first follower!  If you set up a blog, I'll be there.
Had feedback on my two submitted poems.  The lesser not too well received - hackneyed topic. The other - The Parade, 1942 - received some positive feedback but reader thought could be cut a little and text didn't always flow.  I hope to put this poem up on my website when it is activated.
As we approach deadline for paying tax, my dilatory accountant has told me how much more I need to pay but not how to pay it.
Really enjoyed the Pinter works performed on BBC4 last night - but felt Lloyd Hutchinson could have had more of an input.  He was very good in Midsomer Murders, and can often be seen on London theatre stages in heavyweight roles.  I gather he will be in Measure for Measure soon, so hope to get there for that.
Is Will Self's ambition to send listeners/viewers running to the dictionary?  I think trope and diaspora are among his favourites.

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