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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sad to relate, the third mushroom isn't growing, so it's still poached eggs for breakfast.
     I have now inserted a link to my writing CV - easier than expected, but trawling through my published work I was taken aback by the number and breadth of items, things I had totally forgotten. I have sent out yet another pitch, with a loose jellyfish theme.
     Tonight we are off to see a production of The Tempest at The Point in Eastleigh, performed by a mix of professional actors, gap year drama students, and secondary pupils.  Apparently it has a modern setting.
     Had a set-to on the bus yesterday - a chap was sounding off about something to the driver en route; everyone was tutting.  Eventually I went up and pointed to the Bluestar notice about not distracting the driver, and got a mouthful in return.  As I went back to my seat, everyone was smiling, nodding, and saying "quite agree" - I felt like saying Where were you?  A lady moved to sit next to me and congratulated me.  Even the driver thanked me as I got off!  I am forever berating teens for drinking and swearing on buses, or spitting and dropping litter in the street.  John reckons I'll get my come-uppance one day, but if everyone had a go, maybe we could improve things.
     I am coming to the end of my current two-week stint preparing and editing a script for readers for the Eastleigh Talking Echo.  Not a huge amount has been happening in Eastleigh, but there will probably be enough to fill a 90-minute tape.  Then there's Writing Buddies tomorrow.  My master plan is to update my blog every 10-14 days, and I hope you'll stay with me!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the mushroom. Are you talking to it?

    I like your blog Jacqueline and have just read your CV - very impressive.

    See you at Writing Buddies later.