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Monday, 10 May 2010

May at last - the fruit tree blossom in our garden is wonderful.  Since last blog, we have had my brother and his wife to stay - thanks for the wine, David!

Since last blog, we've been to a fete in nearby Otterbourne (Chamberlayne Park), three restaurants for lunch, and a meeting of Writers in Southampton where top crime writer Peter Lovesey gave an entertaining talk.  I bought two of his paperbacks, which he kindly signed - hadn't read his work before but intend to start within days.  We also saw Antony and Cleopatra at the Nuffield Theatre - very long but high drama towards the end and a worth while show.

There have also been two meetings of Penny Legg's Southampton Writing Buddies since my last blog.  At the first, topics included the writers' community suite101, which some of us had been thinking of joining.  By the second meeting, Penny had been accepted and had published two articles, and I was nearly there with just adjustments to be made.  They are very particular about layout, length, attribution of pictures and so on, but I was delighted to hear that my first piece (about parenting) is now published on the website.  Thrilled doesn't even begin to cover it!  There are small amounts of money possibly, but writers have to submit about one piece a week, and I have plenty of ideas.  I would also say that I would never have geared up to do this, had it not been for Penny's group and her boundless energy for writing.  The meetings are highly motivational, very interesting, and great fun.  There is a blog which is usually written by Penny but which I am about to write up for last Friday.

I've nearly completed the mock-up of my latest script for the Eastleigh Talking Echo, too; a big job as always but it's surprising what I find out.  

Hope everyone is enjoying my favourite month of May.  Bring on the Jersey Royals and asparagus!

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  1. Brilliant news on getting your Suite 101 article published!