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Friday, 24 September 2010

Getting a bit like autumn now, but at least an excuse to change to big snuggly winter-weight duvet.  Our cat Minnie is very pleased, and it means she can no longer claw our toes as through the lighter version.  She is now 17+ but cheerful and well, especially after her latest steroid injection which stimulates her appetite and stops her wretched allergy problems (grass mites apparently, and possibly house dust - but surely none here?).

About to finish my next fortnightly script for Eastleigh Talking News.  Some interesting things happening in the area, which makes it easier to fill the 30 or so pages of cuttings/printouts required each time.  Every one has to be edited, and I put the info in sections - business, fundraising, crime, health etc.  It takes ages each time but seems a rewarding thing to do as my 'voluntary job'.  We are about to change from tapes to memory sticks, which may require a different approach - editors' meeting tomorrow to discuss.

My brother and his wife came down for a day and a night; we visited our largest local garden centre which was fun and productive.  I am into these scented-oil-and-infuser-sticks things; the front room is sweet pea and the hall is lavender.

Spent a good day in Portsmouth's Gunwharf Quays shopping centre.  Came away with a set of four Viners saucepans and matching frying pan, with the outsides of them all a delightful lime green, my favourite and the colour of almost everything in the kitchen.  Never thought pans could be so much fun.  Keep looking at them - how sad is that.

Why does Matalan not stock the enticing owl fake fur jacket featured in Good Housekeeping mag?

Little writing done since last time, though waiting for responses from two magazines that expressed an interest.  If they respond positively to a pitch, it's make-or-break time for the writing of the piece.  Not sure whether to hassle them - could be counterproductive.

My most recent article on is for an easy vegetarian pasta meal for students on a budget.  This is likely to be the reason why I suddenly made 41 cents a couple of days ago - all those students clicking on the ads.  I note the highest earner on the site, who makes about $2000 a month, writes on campus life - she is a north American tutor and lecturer so I guess all her students respond.  I shall therefore concentrate on student stuff - study skills, student food, relationships - for a bit, apart from one piece in progress on the artist Stanley Spencer.

Question of the day:  Why do so many people sniff?

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  1. Hi Jacqueline!

    Good to see you blogging again but I miss your food update! I'm a foodie so need your reviews!

    See you later at buddies!

    Catherine x