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Thursday, 10 February 2011

You'll find me in an Anderson shelter

Finally sent off my novel for children for a critique/evaluation; can't just keep picking at it forever. Opinion expected within a month max. It looked lovely I thought, all beautifully double spaced and wide-margined. This is not what it will look like when I get it back, however.

Spoke with the vet yesterday about Minnie's yowling all night and apparent anxiety about being away from us. Thought maybe I was being a bit melodramatic but no, I now have some gel for her, for "cats suffering from anxiety caused by separation from their owners"! The pack claims 'delicious salmon flavour'. As instructed, put a dob of the gel on her paw last night - eventually she deigned to lick it off. Where are we today? She woke us about every two hours for food/company, but was very quiet and calm about it! So that counts as success so far. We'll continue with the gel, and leave more food in her dish overnight.

Had lunch in Winchester with an old boyfriend - we hadn't met for 40 years. John OK about it, too. Recognised each other instantly, and so much to talk about. Chatter, chatter, and lots of fun. He still has twinkly eyes.

Excorticate has a meaning not unlike excoriate. And daedal means skilful or artistic. Who'd have thought it?

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