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Monday, 19 March 2012

My Suite 101 Articles for Students and Teachers

There are just over 60 of my articles on Suite 101, and topics are varied. Here are links to a few which offer suggestions for older students and for teachers. I hope there'll be something there which is useful for you.

For Students

Students of high ability: manage in class and get best grades   

Very bright students: keep your friends and still get good grades

Gain maximum benefit from every lecture, to help improve grades 

For Teachers

Children who can't concentrate: teacher tips for how to help

Improving students' listening skills - some tips for teachers 

Reading with comprehension: ensuring children absorb text content

Young students, poor concentration: structure for a class programme

Reluctant readers: tips for parents and teachers to encourage them

The rest of the articles on my site include lots of vegetarian recipes, some parenting suggestions, biography (Adam Faith, Carrington, Gertler), the Vulcan bomber, and much else besides.

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