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Monday, 17 September 2018


As all poets will know, there are a number of set forms of poems which are usually rigid and which vary from the fairly easy to work with up to those that cause nightmares with their complexity. Keeping to a set of rules while making a poem that has something to say can be very taxing, but it's satisfying if it comes together.
     I have invented two forms-with-rules, and have produced poems in a number of different forms to submit for my online course. Those from the general list I have written so far are:
     Chaucerian Roundel
     Limerick (sad rather than humorous)
     Minute (60 syllables)
     Rubai (plural is the well-known 'Rubaiyat')
     Terza Rima (one of my favourites)
     Villanelle (wildly taxing)
     Shape (or concrete)

The elements of an extremely tricky Sestina are emerging, and on a good day I may set my cap at a Pantoum. There are others, perhaps less demanding, but I do love a challenge.
     Is anyone else out there tackling these forms? 


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