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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Ah, the culture of an organ recital at Winchester Cathedral. Luckily for me, the programme was reasonably 'popular' as organ music goes, and I enjoyed most of it, though John prefers more serious stuff - he was a church organist in his late teens and still plays Bach on our electronic organ as well as on the piano. He used to play for a jazz band, and was known as John 'Fingers' Pye. He syncopates like a pro.

There's been a further meeting of Southampton Writing Buddies. Everyone has been very busy, and it was as always an interesting and motivating session. Southampton Beer Festival was a different kettle of fish; being vegetarian means that draught bitter is rarely suitable, and they don't label those that are, so I was reduced to smuggling in a bottle of Black Sheep ale which is OK and very pleasant. Two more half-pint souvenir tankards to clutter up our drinks shelf.

A trip to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth on the bus is always like an adventure. The routine is, start with M&S outlet store, then sidle into Cadbury World (caramel creme egg, finger of fudge, or whole nut chocolate, anyone?). I love Whittards and Past Times, too. We had lunch in the Old Custom House - a lovely Fuller's pub just by the water, with great food.

I've completed and handed in my latest script for Eastleigh Talking News. At the recent editors' meeting it was agreed that very short fiction could be included with the magazine tapes, and I sent a round robin e-mail (via Penny) to the Writing Buddies to ask if anyone had anything to offer. Rapid responses resulted (good alliteration), so I am gratefully collecting work to pass on to the mag editors.

Our younger granddaughter has just had a birthday, with a splash party and sleepovers. We heard brief details (lots of splashing, lots of sleepovers!) and await further news.

I have pitched for a feature for Prima magazine, and am now up to 14 articles on and reached the dizzy heights of just under a dollar so far in revenue. But it continues to rise, and the writing is getting my brain nicely in gear after a long inactive period.

Thought for the day: why don't sheep shrink when it rains?

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