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Friday, 25 June 2010

Ah, flaming June. Shorts, mosquito bites and a listless cat, but the first crop of sugar snap peas and courgettes now in from the garden - they made a lovely stir fry.

Some nice lunches out; the Coriander Lounge (High Street, Southampton) is the local newest-but-one Indian restaurant. They do a great buffet lunch, with starters especially lovely. The newest is actually Indian Melody, more or less across the road from Coriander, and all vegetarian. Their lunch buffet can be served as a thali, and very nice too. Also lunch at the art gallery cafe, and good paninis at NV (same street) - in an old bank building, ceilings two storeys high, really elegant decor, nice staff. Talking of food, I have posted a number of my original recipes on

Now 24 articles published on suite101, over a thousand page views so far, but still not quite $2. I need to broaden my topics.

The latest Southampton Writing Buddies meeting was a very lively affair and a lot of fun. People are still asking "What's the anthology?" ... I'm working on my entries currently and aim for mid-July latest to submit. I'm treasurer for the anthology, and money has just started to come in.

Tomorrow I'm at the AGM of Southampton Area Talking Echo. I've been asked to stand for election as the editors' rep on the management committee, which I rashly agreed to do. They said I was innovative and enthusiastic - though I'm guessing the older-established editors may have been asked and refused. So far I have had two stories passed to me by Writing Buddies for the magazine editors of SATE and some others promised. The first of the two is already scheduled for reading onto tape in a couple of weeks, and the other I shall pass on to the boss editor tomorrow together with two of my own stories just to help start things off - terrified they may say 'rubbish' to mine. Does my lack of self confidence shine through, or what - occupational hazard of every writer maybe.

John has an nice old timepiece which we think his late father made, quite deco and a good light wood case. We have cleaned it up but it wouldn't go for long. Tomorrow hope to collect it, repaired and ticking, from our local 'horologist'. Apparently a 'clock' strikes or chimes, otherwise it's a 'timepiece'.

Point for the day: I hate young people on checkouts or at counters greeting me with 'hiya'. I always reply with good morning/afternoon. Also, 'you all right there?' - this was the greeting when I turned up at the hairdressers (reply: yes I'm fine, but I'd like a haircut please), and at the garage counter (reply: yes I'm fine, but I'd like to buy this newspaper please). Support please!

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  1. Hi Jacqueline,
    Just had time to catch up on your blogs, which are super! Good luck with your election. I do hope you are elected.

    Belated happy birthday to John.