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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Notes from an Autograph Book

This is a version of "I packed my bag", but I packed my autograph book instead. Star-struck from early teens, I have the signatures of most of the pop stars of the early sixties, just pre-Beatles. Even so, my favourite entries are rhymes and comments from mates and other people dear to me. Here is a sample.

My heart is like a cabbage it's easily cut in two.
The leaves I give to anyone, the heart I give to you.

First comes low school, then comes high,
Then comes Jackie with a good-looking guy.
Then comes love and then comes marriage,
Then comes Jackie with a baby in a carriage.

Never kiss a boy whose eyes are brown,
He'll kiss you once then turn you down.
Never kiss a boy whose eyes are grey -
He'll kiss you once then turn away.
But kiss a boy whose eyes are blue -
He'll kiss you once then ask for two!

The teachers are good people, they go to church on Sunday.
They pray to God to give them strength to whack the boys on Monday.

     *          *          *
Two themes emerge from these - love and flogging. It wasn't like that really - honest! There are others which I might post separately, and maybe extracts from my mother's autograph book. Not to mention the pop stars. Unsurprisingly, Adam Faith features fairly largely.

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