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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Autograph lines and artwork from the 1920s

In this second post of three featuring autograph book entries, these are from my aunt's book. She was born in 1912, and the entries date from the 1920s to very early 1930s. I treasure this book, and hope you like the extracts. When I can get blogger to put the pictures straight in, I will. In the meantime the links are there.
Definition of a Kiss
   Something rather naughty, something rather nice,
   Something rather wicked, though it can't be called a vice.
   Some people say it's folly, others say it's wrong -
   But we all agree it's folly, though it doesn't last long.

autograph book entry 1923

       If you wish to grow thinner,
       Diminish your dinner
       And take to light claret
       Instead of pale ale.
       Look down with utter
       Contempt upon butter
       And never eat bread
       Till it's toasted or stale.
(no date)

Autograph book entry 1930

" Dad's Wearing Mine - He's a Golfer"
(no date)

             A ship without a rudder
             And a ship without a sail -
             But the coldest thing in winter
             Is a shirt without a tail.

Autograph book entry 1931


"It's a Gunner. Every Time It's a Gunner!"

                  By gum!
                  It's stuck!

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