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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Cardiff, Computers, Wallpaper and Jokes

What a fortnight of ups and downs. First, five days in Cardiff - very relaxing, loads of walking around. Visited Llandaff cathedral, which we really liked and I managed not to trip on the paving as per Glasgow cathedral.

Returned on the Friday to find my computer hard drive had crashed. Rushed to Apple store, but after much testing and tutting (by the 'Apple genius') he said, "How recently did you back this up?" New hard drive fitted, and I hope to take the old one to a recovery centre to see if they can salvage any pics, documents and/or email addresses as I hadn't backed up for a couple of months. Will now sort out using Time Machine for auto back-up.

In the week following, spent nearly 4 hours on the phone to BT (India) as my Entourage and BTYahoo emails were locked; first they said sorry, can't fix it. Then a local engineer had a go distantly, then BT again. Now I've dumped Entourage and BTYahoo seems to be working, but I've lost all my email addresses so have to build up again.

During this same week the decorator has been in - due to finish in about an hour or so, if I'm any judge. It's a sweat having someone in 8.30 to 6 daily, but he's a really nice chap and has done a great job. Hall, stairs and landing now look like one of the homes you see on Morse or Lewis.

Since I've been so grumpy recently and am now cheerful again, here are my three favourite jokes of the moment. Sorry, Essex.
A lady is out walking, and sees a man approaching alongside a dog. The dog runs to her, so she asks, "Does your dog bite?" He says not, but the dog bites her all the same. "I thought you said your dog doesn't bite."  "That's not my dog."
(This joke works better said aloud, but ...
What's an Essex girl's favourite wine?
"I wanna go to Lakeside."
A couple are out to dinner. A blonde walks up and embraces the husband very warmly then walks off. The wife demands to know who she is. "She's my mistress," he says. Wife is about to sound off when a redhead walks in, goes over to a male friend of the couple at a nearby table, and embraces him. Wife says, "Who was that?" "That's his mistress." "Poof" says the wife. Ours is prettier."
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